Value Statements, Why St. George?

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Value Statements
St. George students are prepared to excel in high school and beyond. Many students from St. George are placed in honor and Advanced Placement classes where they can earn college credits while still in high school. In 2016, students attended the following Catholic high schools:
  • Marian Catholic, Marist, Providence, Brother Rice, and Mother McAuley
  • In addition we feed into several public high schools: Tinley Park, Lincoln Way, Andrew, Sandburg, Oak Forest
  • Many of our students are placed in AP and honors classes and high schools consistently report that St. George students are well prepared for high school.
  • Our alumni often return to St. George and tell us how well prepared they were for high school and beyond.
  • We are proud that our alumni advance in a wide range of fields including but not limited to medicine, law, business, education, arts, sciences, and many more.

    Testimonial- “St. George alumni had a very good night at their high school graduation. My daughter was recognized for being in the top 5% of her class of 600 plus students. A couple of other students from St. George were also recognized and in the top 5%. Kudos to St. George.

    Angela says she misses the daily prayer and the close-knit family that she experienced at St. George. She has been accepted to both Marquette and Loyola. I thank the whole staff at St George for inspiring my daughter in so many ways.”

    Sincerely, Rich Silski

Value Statements
St. George students are achieving at or above grade level. We identify and accommodate our students and offer extra help where needed and accelerated learning programs for advanced students. We provide a foundation for future success.
  • Continual academic assessment allows us to fine tune individual curriculum as students move forward.
  • Gifted students can move up a grade level
  • ACT Aspire scores consistently show that St. George students are performing almost years above grade level by the time they graduate.
  • Teacher aids in primary classrooms allows for individualized attention and instruction.
  • RTI support means that Students are assessed and screened three times per year to identify progress against benchmarks, and academic interventions are provided for those falling short of expected progress. Teachers receive specialized training for RTI differentiation. ESGI Evaluation program provides the testing base for PreK-1
  • Differentiated instruction allows students to learn on individual level and a part time resource teacher is there to assist in the learning.
  • High achieving students have the option for advanced placement

Value Statements
All students participate in our Spanish language program. This program offers students the ability to learn a new language. This skill gives our students a competitive advantage in high school and for the rest of their life.
  • Understanding and appreciation of a new culture.
  • Many students test out of Spanish I or are placed in Honors Spanish classes
  • Spanish instruction weekly for PreK-4th grade and twice a week for grades 5-8

Value Statements
Our faith based curriculum enables our students to develop morals and values that will last a lifetime.
  • We open and close each school day with prayer, and know that Jesus is with us and our families as we learn and grow.
  • We have daily religious instruction, and our students graduate with a clear knowledge of Catholic teachings and moral principles.
  • St. George’s shows a commitment to serve others by participating a variety of service program. Last year we completed a "Path of Mercy" with social service projects completed throughout the year. For 2017 we are" Planting the Seeds of the Beatitudes" Because of our commitment to service, students develop a desire to help others and serve as Jesus did.
  • Each week students attend Mass which gives them a greater appreciation for sharing faith as a community. During each Mass students have the opportunity for lay leadership roles which allows students to be more involved in the celebration.
  • We provide in school Sacramental preparation for Reconciliation, Communion and Confirmation.
  • Although we proudly celebrate our Catholicism, we are welcoming of all faiths.
  • In addition to our weekly mass celebrations, we also provide the opportunity for our students to participate in Rosary, May Crowning, and Living Stations of the Cross which enables a deeper appreciation of their faith.
  • Parish Priests and Deacons regularly visit the classroom and are involved in the religious instruction.
  • Eucharistic adoration chapel located onsite.

We offer our students the opportunity to experience their faith on a deeper level as altar servers.


Value Statements
Our school offers before and after school care not only during the school year, but also during the summer, holidays and inclement weather.
  • Extended Day is directed and supervised under the care of St. George School. All staff members are experienced and have undergone Criminal Background checks and Virtus training through the Archdiocese of Chicago. (The Criminal Background check references state, federal, and sex offender records.)
  • Extended Day is offered before school and after school. Currently the hours are from 6:00 AM until school begins at 7:45 AM. After school hours are from 2:35 PM until 6:00 PM. On occasion children may attend on an occasional basis.
  • St. George School offers the Extended Day Program for working parents. The program offers a safe and friendly environment for the children of St. George School, Our service is offered from 6:00 A.M. until school begins and from dismissal up until 6:00 P.M. We also do provide Extended Day on half days of school. We are available every day school is in session with the exception of the afternoon of the last day of school. Each day we provide a snack for the children. We also provide a homework time Monday through Thursday for the children. We have a yard and many other activities for the children to enjoy.
  • We have added an extra feature this year. We have special "Extended Days" now when school is not in session. Even if the school is closed due to inclement weather, the school is open for you to bring your child for extended care. St. George is proud to offer “Summer Blast” which is a Pre-K- 8th grade summer camp with is a two/three week program. This program accommodates working families

Value Statements
St. George School believes that developing the whole child is crucial to his/her success and well-being. Our students grow as well-rounded individuals through a variety of academic and extracurricular enrichment programs. .
  • Academic Bowl / Competition
  • Caring Heart's Club
  • Chess and Checkers
  • Creative Clubs such as Arthur Club, Harry Potter Club and Exercise Club
  • Drama / Passion Play and Christmas Program
  • Math Club
  • National Junior Honor Society and Recycle Clubs
  • Read to Succeed / Dismissal Duty
  • Parking Lot Duty: 7th Grade
  • Science / Social Studies Homework Club
  • Spanish
  • Student Council/Student Ambassadors
  • Yearbook
  • Band
  • Athletic Program including: Girls and Boys Basketball, Girls and Boys Volleyball, Primary Soccer and Cheerleading
    • St. George believes that by participating in our after school programs, we instill leadership, self-esteem, team work, confidence in our students. They also become well rounded involved and engaged individuals.
    • Each week, students attend: art, music, computers, Physical Education, Spanish classes, and learning center classes. We believe that these academic enrichment programs allow our students to explore their individual talents that are beyond their core subject areas.


Value Statements
Our Preschool and Kindergarten programs offer an advanced curriculum that prepares students for success as they move through elementary school.
  • St. George’s has a specific Preschool and Kindergarten curriculum that aligns with State standards. Teachers in the early childhood program are certified and dedicated to their profession. Students are learning through direct instruction and play.
  • St. George’s preschool and kindergarten programs allow flexibility and option for parents. We offer both half day and full day options and 3 or 5 day options.
  • Students go on the following enrichment field trips.
  • St. George’s Preschool and Kindergarten program provides a solid foundation that enables future success for our students.
  • St. George offers an outstanding education rooted in the Catholic faith at a cost that is much lower than local day care centers.

Value Statements
In order to ensure that our students are prepared for high school and beyond, we incorporate technology into our daily curriculum.
  • The computer lab has 32 Dell OptiPlex desktops with 17” LCD flat screen monitors. Each computer can print to either a high speed HP LaserJet printer or if needed a HP Color LaserJet. In addition, the computer lab has a built-in Epson LCD projector for teacher demonstrations and instruction.
  • St. George is committed to using technology in the classrooms. Each classroom is equipped with multiple computers for teacher and student use allowing all grade levels to have computer access. The school is connected to the Internet by high-speed data connection and the Junior High classrooms have wireless Internet.
  • Some of the software applications used in the computer lab are:
    • Microsoft Windows XP
    • Microsoft Office 2010
    • Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing
    • Kidspiration
    • Apple iMac and iLife software
    • Nikon digital cameras
    • Sony digital camcorder
  • Students from Grades 1 through 5 have Computer Class once a week while Grades 6 through 8 have Computer Class twice a week. Each grade level practices keyboarding and using the Microsoft Office suite.
  • The St. George Padre Pio Library utilizes a web-based card catalog for students to search through the over 1,000 books.
  • Grades 4 through 8 utilize Renaissance Place’s Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Math for reading comprehension and math skills proficiency. The Junior High teachers also utilize mobile LCD projectors to enhance their daily lessons plans
  • St. George School recognizes the importance of technology in our students’ lives. We build upon students’ computer proficiency skills and use technology to enhance their learning and development.

Value Statements
Our school community is a caring and nurturing environment where students feel safe, comfortable, and confident. We are a family and we take care of one another.
  • St. George students enjoy a school wide Buddy Program that • pairs up students from older and younger grade levels. Students in the lower grades benefit from having role models and friends in upper grades and older students have the opportunity to develop leadership and mentoring skills while supporting younger students. For example, each year Sixth grade and 1st grade students pair up to…. Student in the primary grades look forward to becoming older buddies
  • St. George families have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities which build community and foster friendships between parents and offer social outing for students. Activities include: Science Fair, Family Mass, Spaghetti Dinner, etc
  • In order to ensure a safe and secure learning environment for your child, several procedures are in place. Most importantly, visitors must be identified before they are allowed to enter the building. You can rest assured that your child is being educated in the safest possible environment.
  • When your child attends St. George School, they will be cared for and loved each and every day. The school community is well aware that bullying is a major problem at many schools. St. George participates in anti-bullying programs in order to create a safe and nurturing environment for your child. We use our faith based approach and work with individuals to handle any problems that may arise.
  • St. George is fortunate to have both a school counselor and school nurse on staff. Students have the opportunity to visit the counselor when necessary. If a student is sick, the school nurse will provide care for your child.

Value Statements
Our dedicated teachers work hand in hand with our committed parents to foster a sense of teamwork in educating our children. We work together so that our students achieve their full potential.
  • Our open door policy allows parents/guardians to effectively communicate with the administration and faculty about their child’s learning efforts. Each week letters are sent home with the students to ensure that parents/guardians stay informed.
  • St. George’s School Messenger system allows instant communication with families on a regular basis. School Reach is utilized to communicate key messages to parents (e.g., key events, holiday greetings, etc.).
  • Our website allows teachers in grades for K-8 to post homework. Parents can check to make sure that their children are completing homework on a daily basis.
  • State certified teachers many with advanced degrees. All teachers undergo continuing professional development so that they remain current in their profession.
  • Teachers make it a point to establish strong relationships with parents from the beginning of the year. Parents and teachers are truly partners in education at St. George School.
  • Behavior issues are communicated immediately to parents and discipline issues are a rare occurrence at St. George. If a discipline issue does arise, parents, teachers and administrators handle problems professionally and appropriately. We want to create the best possible learning environment for your child.
  • Quarterly conferences are held between teachers and parents and additional conferences are scheduled as needed. Teachers constantly communicate with parents through notes, emails, and phone calls.
  • Primary teachers at St. George recognize the importance of daily and weekly communication with parents. Every primary teacher sends home a weekly newsletter.
  • In the Junior High grades, parents receive progress reports and trimester report cards. Incentive cards are used to communicate behavior progress as well as preparation throughout the school day.
  • Teachers work with parents to identify strategies they can use at home.
  • Teachers are accessible and available to parents. Parents have direct access to teachers via email through the website.

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