St. George is committed to using technology in the classrooms. Each classroom is equipped with multiple computers for teacher and student use allowing all grade levels to have computer access. The school is connected to the Internet by high-speed data connection and the Junior High classrooms have wireless Internet. Grades PreK-3rd have Apple Ipads in each classroom while grades 4-8 have individual chromebooks for each student. Science, Social Studies and Vocabulary are all web based classes.Students in these grades can also access the reading series online.

The computer lab has 32 HP Pentium 4 desktops with 17 LCD flat screen monitors. In addition, all classrooms have built-in Epson LCD projectors for teacher demonstrations and instruction.

Some of the software applications used in the computer lab are:

Some of the Technology Programs Streaming Through SGS

  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Office 2010
  • Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing
  • Kidspiration
  • Apple iMac and iLife software
  • Nikon digital cameras
  • Sony digital camcorder
  • Stemscopes/into to Science Curriculum
  • Social Studies Active Classroom Jr. High Curriculum
Technology Overview

Students from Grades 1 through 4 have Computer Class once a week while Grades 5 through 8 have Computer Class twice a week. Each grade level practices keyboarding and using the Microsoft Office suite, beginning coding and Excel applications.

Kindergarten through Eighth Grade use the Think Through Math program (TTM) to create individualized math lessons for students.

No matter what grade level your student is at St. George they are always continuing to build upon their computer proficiency skills and using technology to enhance their learning and development.

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